Return Policy

1. The Accepted Return
2. Don’t be Accepted Return
3. Return for Exchange Item

1. The Accepted Return
We promise to obey the return policy when the item has the problem below, but you must sent back the item after we know your problems and what you want us to do.
First, the product has quality problem. It can not work once you receive it or it encounters crash in delivery causing you can not use it. This situation we will return full refund.
Second, in some particular situation, our return policy can be open for you after our customer service learn your particular problem, and in this condition we will charge you 10% handling fee.
Third, you order a wrong product and negotiate with our customer service to exchange for a right one; this exchange policy is also for you. But you need pay the shipping cost to us as well as return to you.
Fourth, if we miss-delivered the products, we will be responsible for an item exchange and any shipping fees. If you choose this, you can also return the product and get a full refund plus the shipping and handling fee, but you must make sure to send it back through ordinary airmail.

Pay attention: If you have any probelsm, you had better  feel free to contact with customer service, or send them email After confirmation, they will give you the return address. Remember DON NOT send it back as the invoice address, otherwise they are not responsible for the lost items. That's very important.
2. Don’t be Accepted Return
Please check detail before you purchase the item. If you have any doubt, please check with our customer service, you can obtain our customers service relative information from our website CarOBDtool.
First, if you order a wrong item by yourself, or you find it is not the one you would like to order (no quality problem), we will not provide return policy to you, please be aware of that.
Second, if the item is damaged by yourself, we can not provide exchange service for you. But you can return for repair, and you pay the shipping freight.
3. Return for Exchange Item
Exchange for free: If your products encounter crash in delivery, we will exchange it with free for you and undertake the shipping cost for you ship item back to us by simple airmail.
Mis-ordered products: If you order a wrong item and plan to exchange for the one you want, and then just contact our customer service for help, if we can exchange for you, you need to pay the shipping cost to us as well as return to you.
Physical Damaged Items: If the item is damaged by yourself, we can not provide exchange service for you. But you can return for repair.
What you do before returning for replacement: you need contact our customer service to tell us your problem. What's wrong with your item and what you want us to do for you?
Returning shipping methods: after confirming your items is under our policy of returning, we advice you using simple airmail to ship the item back to us. NO DHL, UPS, TNT, Fedex or any other express.
How we will do after receiving your return: you should keep touch with us to make sure that we get it. After checking the item, we will arrange a replacement for you and we will inform you when everything is done. Please remember to check your email from time to time.
Notice for shipping methods: When you confirm to return the items to us, please use ordinary airmail or EMS to return, and write the shipment address that our customer service provides. Please do not use DHL, UPS, FEDEX and TNT or any other courier; if we can not get your return item, we will not be responsible for that.