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6 Launch X431 V+: X431 V+ Global Version 2023 Launch X431 V+ X431 V Plus 10.1inch Tablet V6.0 Global Version Full Systems Diagnostic Scan with 31+ Service Function Topology Mapping
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60cm*41cm*17cm ( Inch: 23.62*16.14*6.69 )
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Product Description

1.Launch X431 V+ latest version V6.0 , Global Version,3GB RAM + 32GB ROM + 2 Years Free Update,No IP limited,you can use it worldwide.Support Wifi Bluetooth,Supports frequently 20 used special function.Supports 10000+ car models from America, Europe, Asia, It has the most complete functions and car models among all launch products.
2. It can also be used with Launch HD3 module to test Heavy Trucks.
3.We are Launch Authorized Dealer, buy from our website, get 100% Original Launch products from Launch Company.

On Sale Launch X431 V+ V6.0 Global Version Full-System Tablet Scanner

2022 Launch X431 V+ V6.0- obd2shop.co.uk


Top Reasons to buy Launch X431 V+ from us

1. Launch X431 is a global leading brand, popular among customers, worth trusting.
2. We are an Authorized Launch Dealer, Guarantee it is a 100% Original Launch machine.
3. All products have been passed the strict quality test before shipment, make sure high quality.
4. Launch X431 V+ latest V6.0 Global VersionNo IP limitation, can use it everywhere in the world.
5. Extensive vehicle coverage, support more than 1000 cars, powerful diagnostic functions, and precise test results.
6. Has 3GB RAM + 32GB ROM (Can be extended to 128GB) Adopts Android 9.0 System, 8-core 1.8GHz processor, which runs faster and more stable.
7. One-click update via Wi-Fi, 2 Years Free Update Online (After 2 years, cost 450USD/year, 599USD/2years, if not update, you can still use it. It will not be locked. If you want to buy an update service, feel free to contact us.)
8. Supports frequently 20 used special functions.
9. Supported Multi-Languages: English, Italian, German, Japanese, Russian, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Polish, Turkish, Dutch, Greek, Arabic, Danish, Korean, Persian, Romanian, Serbian, Finnish, Swedish, Czech, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese 
10, X431 V+ can be used with Launch HD3 module (Item SP293-B) to test Heavy Trucks. 
11. V7.00.012 and later software adds Topology Mapping function

Combined with functional modules of ADAS Mobile/PRO: calibrate a wide range of driver assistance systems;

1. Videoscope (Mainly applied to check unseen parts of engine, fuel tank, braking system, etc.)
2. TSGUN (activate all sensors, tpms relearn, program only Launch Sensors)
3. X431 GIII PROG3(advanced key programming & IMMO service;)
X431 Heavy Duty Module (diagnose gasoline vehicles & 24V Diesel Trucks)
4. X431 ADAS Moblie/ADAS PRO (calibrate a wide range of camera-based & radar-based driver assistance systems)
5. X431 Printer (Print out diagnostic data/ reports.)
Need to buy these modules additionally This LAUNCH X431 diagnostic tool will meet your various needs and diagnostic scenarios.

New advanced OE-LEVEL functions added of Launch X431 V+:

1. Component Matching: Compatible with Volkswagen/ Skoda/ Seat/ BMW/ GM/ Ford/ Opel/ Mazda/ Fiat/ Honda/ Nissan/ Hyundai/ Kia/ Subaru etc.
2. Online Coding: Compatible with Volkswagen/ Audi/ Benz/ BMW/ Seat/ Porsche etc.
3. Online Account Login Service: Compatible with Volkswagen/ Audi/ Skoda/ Seat etc.
4. Online Calibration: Compatible with Volkswagen/ Audi/ Skoda/ Seat etc.
5. Anti-theft IMMO Serivce: Compatible with Volkswagen/ Audi/ Skoda/ Seat etc.
6. Guided Functions: Compatible with Volkswagen/ Audi/ Skoda/ Seat etc.
7. Power Balance: Compatible with Chrysler/ GM/ Ford etc.
8. Programmable Module Installation: Compatible with Ford/ Mazda etc.
9. Flash Hidden Functions: Compatible with BMW/ Porsche/ Toyota/ Subaru etc.

Launch X431 V+ V4.0 new added functions

Why is the Launch X431 V+ 6.0 is professional and so popular among shop owners and technicians?

LAUNCH X431 V+ 6.0 is the upgrade ver. of Launch X431 V
1. Supports more advanced functions, including VAG Guided Functions (compatible with VW,AUDI,SKODA,SEAT), AutoAuth for FCA SGW, which makes V+ compatible with Jeep, Alfa Romeo and Fiat after 2017, Reflash Hidden functions (Compatible with BMW/Porsche/Toyota/Subaru etc.), Anti-theft IMMO Serivce: Compatible with Volkswagen/Audi/Skoda/Seat etc.
2. The screen size of Launch X431 V+ (10.1 inches) is larger. One screen can display 15 data stream(Graphic and textual), which is easy to navigate
3. Based on Andoird 9.0, with 8-core 1, 8GHz CPU, X431 V+ 4.0 runs faster, smoother and more stable than other diagnostic scanners.
4. Compatible with LAUNCH X431 heavy duty modules (need to be purchased separately), to diagnose gasoline & 24v diesel trucks.
5. You can use Launch X431 V+ longer and avoid frequent charging, because its battery is 7000mAh.
6. The case of Launch V+ is made up of a combination of plastic and rubber to protect it from drops. so the V+ is stronger and more resistant to fall.

What the Launch X431 V+ 6.0 is:

1) Upgraded Functions of Launch X431 V PRO/Pros Mini/TURBO, Same Functions as Launch X431 TORQUE/THROTTLE/PRO3
2) newest Elite Version
3) Best Choice for :Technician , advance DIY, garage, car dealer, used car dealer, auto repair shop, automotive engineer, diagnostic tech, truck man, automobile tech, home mechanic, DIY beginner, automotive student, backyard mechanic, retired mechanic, weekend DIY, individual.
4) Thanks to the Launch X431 V+ 6.0, you can get more repair orders and Improve your efficiency and professionalism , Having such a state-of-the-art ,Fast,Smart, Intelligent Bi-Directional Scanner, Which is a great investment in your life.
5) As a Car owner ,Thanks to the Launch X431 V6.0, you don’t need to rely on the mechanics or auto repair shop , you can be the mechanic of your family ,Which is a great money saver for your family.

What Updates have we made in Elite Updated Version of Launch X431 V+ 6.0 scan tool?

1.  32GB storage capacity + 128GB extended memory (large internal storage and expandable memory for more vehicle software loaded, diagnostic records ,photos,music, and games etc.)
2. Fixed battery life issue of 2019 year .now lasting more than 10 hours continuous use on a single charge .( 10+ hours of working and entertainment on-the-go)
Update car software to 2018/2019/2020/2021, including cars, SUVs, minvans, 12v light-duty trucks.
Available to Download any applications, like facebook, Twitter, Tiktok ,hotmail,etc .( also a multi-functional tablets support entertainment )
Faster update frequency. The Launch X431 V+ offers faster update frequency. You can be certain that this scanner is from a reliable brand and if you’re faced with a challenge within this period, you will get the much-needed support.
6. OBD1 & OBD2 daignosis:Launch X431 V+ 6.0 OBD2 Scanner supports full OBD1 and OBD2 protocols both. It will be shipped as a complete package with necessary connectors and accessories. Some vehicle-specific OBD1 adapters are also included.
7.[Optimal Function] !!! ECU Replcement!: When an ECU/module is damaged, you have to replace a new one. After replacing the ECU/module, you have to follow the strict procedures of the manufacturer to match, learn, code, or even program it before it functions normally. Otherwise, the car cannot start or some parts cannot work normally. Featuring ECU/Module replacement functions, Launch X431 V+ 4.0 can help you initialize, match,relearn, or code the newly replaced ECU/module to get it back on track.
8. Please Note: ECU Coding changes preprogrammed options which depend on the type and number of electronic features already built in. Thus, ECU coding is not universally compatible and varies for different vehicles.

New Added OE-LEVEL Advanced Functions of Launch X431 V+6.0 Version + [Optimal Function] ECU Replacement

1. [Optimal Function] ECU Replcement: 
Featuring ECU/Module replacement functions, LAUNCH X431 V+ PRO 6.0 Bidirectional Scanner can help you initialize, match,relearn, or code the newly replaced ECU/module to get it back on track.
2. AutoAuth for FCA, SGW: AutoAuth unlocked with the latest software update can securely serve modern FCA / SGW vehicles for OBDII diagnostics, active test, calibrations, and more. *May require an annual subscription.
3. Component Matching: Compatible with Volkswagen / Skoda / Seat / BMW / GM / Ford / Opel / Mazda / Fiat / Honda / Nissan / Hyundai / Kia / Subaru etc.
4. Online Account Login Service: Compatible with Volkswagen / Audi / Skoda / Seat etc.
5. Online Calibration: Compatible with Volkswagen / Audi / Skoda / Seat etc.
6. Online Parameterization: Compatible with Volkswagen / Audi / Skoda / Seat etc.
7. Anti-theft IMMO Serivce: Compatible with Volkswagen / Audi / Skoda / Seat etc.
8. VAG Guided Functions: Compatible with Volkswagen / Audi / Skoda / Seat etc.
9. Power Balance: Compatible with Chrysler / GM / Ford etc.
10. Programmable Module Installation: Compatible with Ford / Mazda etc.
11. Flash Hidden Functions: Compatible with BMW / Porsche / Toyota / Subaru etc.

31+ Mechanics Frequently Used Service Functions: >>>>>> Cover almost all available Reset Functions on Vehicle. ( car-specific)
(Note: You can find 21 kinds of commonly used reset functions in the reset menu, others special functions in the car brand diagnostic softwares menu and buy in the mall)

ECU CODING – The Coding function is used to re-flash the vehicle control modules, it allows you to reprogram adaptive data for certain components after making repairs or replacements.
OIL RESET – Reset the oil life systems every time the oil and oil filter are changed;
INJECTOR CODING– Code new injector numbers to replace the previous one when fitting the new injectors or after the replacement is completed;
BRAKE RESET – Deactivate and activate the brake control system, assist with brake fluid control, open and close brake pads, etc.;
SAS RESET – Perform steering angle sensor calibration and clear records;
BAT.RESET – Evaluate the battery charge state, monitor the closed-circuit current, register the battery replacement, etc.;
ABS BLEEDING– When the ABS contains air, the ABS bleeding function must be performed to bleed the brake system to restore ABS brake sensitivity;
ELEC.THROTTLE RLRN – Initialize the throttle actuators so that the “learned” values stored on ECU are returned to the default state;
TPMS RESET – Tire pressure resetting is required to be performed after maintenance is performed;
DPF REG – Clear PM (Particulate Matter) from the DPF filter through continuous combustion oxidation mode to stabilize the filter performance;
GEAR LEARN – Perform gear learning for the car when the engine ECU, the crankshaft position sensor, or the crankshaft flywheel is replaced;
MORE ADVANCED FUNCTIONS ADDED: AFS (ADAPTIVE FRONT-LIGHTING SYSTEM) RESET + SUNROOF INITIALIZATION + SUSPENSION CALIBRATION + Windows Calibration + Seats Calibration + Tyre reset + Language Change + A/F Reset + Coolant Bleed + Transport Mode + Adblue Reset + NOx Sensor Reset + Stop/Start Reset 

Growing Functions:

Accompany with continuous update of Launch X431 software and program, More functions has been added : Head light Fitting, Seat Matching, Door and Window Initialization Study, Sunroof Initialization, Air Suspension Matching, Gearbox Matching, Injector Calibration, Multimedia Video Reset, Cluster Reset, Immobilizer Service, Tire Change Reset, (depending on the specific car models, not for all cars, ). and more and more function will be improved and optimized.

ALL Systems Diagnoses ALL Systems` Diagnoses (Faster and more effective than OE-level coverage diagnostic equipment)

X-431 V+ 10" V6.0 can diagnose the electronic control system of prevailing vehicle models covering Asian,European, American and China. Full range car models and full car system diagnose make itaprofessional automotive diagnostic tool.
Include : ABS System, Engine System, SAS System , TPMS System , IMMO System , Battery System ,Oil Service System , SRS System ,DPF System ,Air Conditioning System,Transmission System, ect...
Diagnosis functions include: Read DTCs, Clear DTCs, Read datastream, Actuation Test , AF Adjustment ,ECU coding and More15 Special Function ect...


Launch X431 V+ V4.0

Advanced Functions:  ECU Coding + Bi-directional Control + ADAS Calibration + VAG Guided Functions + All Systems Diagnostics

>> Bi-Directional Control ( Active Test) scan tool

With this diagnostic tool’s Active Test, you can output the command into the ECU in order to turn on/off actuators, to find faults in the subsystems of your car effortlessly, without using the vehicle’s control:
[ Turn on the radiator fan | Modulate the throttle | Open/close windows | Operate mirrors | Turn on/off the lights | Turn on/off the sound horn | Test door lock … ]
*Available test varies by the vehicle manufacturer, year, and model.

>> ECU Coding

Because every automobile actuator has a record code in ECU, which is the basis for automobile computer to mobilize their work. LAUNCH X431 V+ PRO 4.0 is equipped with advanced ECU coding function for addressing the following issues:
After you change the bad actuators or certain parts, you need to use this function to make a new code and recognize the new actuators.
By changing the code with the ECU coding, it’s easy to improve vehicle performance or stimulate high-end functions for the car.
ECU coding enables multiple car systems to recognize each other and then the actuators can start to work.

>> ADAS Calibration (use with Launch X431 ADAS Bobile/ X431 ADAS PRO): Calibrate a wide range of camera-based & radar-based driver assistance systems.

>> VAG Guided Functions (Compatible with Volkswagen / Audi / Skoda / Seat): for various systems such as engine, gearbox, brake, airbag, instrument, air conditioner, and more.

>> Online Maintenance Resources, mainly including 4 parts:
1) Operating skills, which mainly introduces how to use diagnostic tool to solve common faults of some models, such as resetting BMW brake warning lights;
2) DTC Help, which introduces the troubleshooting method for a specific fault code of some models, for example, how to eliminate the U0196 fault code of Chrysler 300C;
3) Automotive Technology handbook, circuit diagrams of certain modules of some models, component introduction, fastener tightening specifications, such as the 2009 GM enclave body maintenance information, which describes the bumper and instrument specifications, and the tightening specifications of each component s crew force.
4) Repair Case, repair cases of some car models.

[OE-Level Smart Diagnosis]: OE-Level Full system diagnosis + OE-Level Live Data System + OE-Level Diagnostic Report Print & Share

>> Want a Full-System diagnostic scanner ? Launch X431 V+ 6.0, Over 100,000 Car Repair Shops & Mechanics's First Choice!

To diagnose car comprehensively,Launch X431 V+ scan tool can read DTCs and data streams, perform active test, Coding for All systems. For instance: Engines/Auto Transmission/Airbags/Immobilizer/ECU Coding/ABS/Cruise Control/Instruments/ Self Leveling Suspension systems/Seats/Doors/Gateway/Steering Angle/Air Suspension/Body Systems/Electronic Power Steering & Motor Assisted/Power Steering/Tyre Pressure/Rain Sensors/4WD System/Stabilizer/Intelligent Parking Assist/Door Motors/Audio Systems/Air Conditioning/Tiptronic/Anti Theft/Soft Top/Headlamp Leveling/Automatic Clutch/ DPF Reset/Electric Windows/Plip Programming/Heated Rear Window/Xenon Headlights/Wash Wipe/Fuel Burning Heater/Transfer Box/Seat Memory/Oil Life Service Reset/Sliding Doors/Electronic Throttle/Navigation System/Rollover Sensor/Cruise Control/ Multi Function Steering Wheel/Aux Heating/Electronic Parking Brake/Clutch Electronics, ....etc.

Auto VIN SCAN for Quick Diagnosis

Once this diagnostic tool and the given car are properly connected, this diagnostic tool LAUNCH X431 V+ 4.0 stars auto-detected process. With only one click, you can scan your car’s detailed version information, also all diagnostic trouble codes and live data stream of full electrical control units. If needed, you can only view the diagnostic information of the selected systems in the forms of checks.

[Topology Mapping] 

X431 V+ software version V7.00.012 onwards adds topology mapping function.
Check the DTCs and all systems communication status visually by topology module mapping function.

launch x431 v+ Topology Mapping

Report printing & upload

This diagnostic tool can automatically generate a diagnostic report when diagnostic work is successfully finished. Generated diagnostic report will be saved and sent to the email box. You are allowed to print the diagnostic report out for asking assistance or recording history fault information. With Wi-Fi Connection, you can even upload the diagnostic report and find solutions with people who are familiar with vehicle repair, or who are encountering the same issue.

Additional Features

Remote Diagnosis offers a reliable and secure remote control unit, which is designed for providing users with t echnical support.
Diagnostic Feedback allows you to submit any issues you can’t immediately fix. With the support of professional experts, LAUNCH will make great efforts to provide you with the best solutions as soon as possible.
Online Database is fully filled with abundant repair cases and automotive technology handbook for your easier retrieval and reference.

Launch X431 V+ Vehicle coverage: 

Extensive Vehicle Coverage - 10000+ Cars supported:
Supports 10000+ car models from America, Europe, Asia (Including Russian car models, Chinese car models, Indian car models, Malaysian car models, Australian car models, Brazilian models, Latin American models and other national car models)

-American Cars
Buick; Cadillac; Chevrolet; Chrysler; Dodge; Ford; GM; Hummer; Jeep; Lincoln; (BRAZIL) BX-Fiat; BX-GM

-European Cars:
Abarth; Alfa Romeo; Audi; Bentley; Benz; BMW; Bugatti; Citroen; Dacia; EU-Ford; Ferrari; Fiat; Jaguar; Lamborghini; Lancia; LandRover; Maserati; Maybach; Mini; Opel; Peugeot; Porsche; Renault; Rolls-Royce; Rover; Saab; Seat; Skoda; Smart; Sprinter; Vauxhall; Volvo; VW; (UKRAINE) ZAZ; (RUSSIA) GAZ; IZH; PAZ; SEAZ; UAZ; VAZ

-Asian Cars
(JAPAN) Acura; Daihatsu; Honda; Infiniti; Isuzu; Jpisuzu; Lexus; Mazda; Mitsubishi; Nissan; Nissan GTR; Scion; Subaru; Subaru; Suzuki; Tlisuzu; Toyota; (KOREA) Daewoo; Hyundai; KIA; Samsung; Ssangyong; (CHINA) Baic; Beijing; Changan; Changan-Ford; Changcheng; Changhe; Chsuzuki; DF Peugeot; DF Honda; DF Nissan; DF XK; Flyer,BYD; Fukang; Futian,Foton; Geely; Gonow; GZ Honda; Hafei; Haoqing; HC BMW; Hmada; Huachen; Isuzu,JMC; Jacty; Jianghuai; Jiao; Jinlong; Joylong; Lifan; Liuwel-TY; Luxgen; NJ Fiat; Qirul-TY,chery; Qoros; Saicmg; Spark-TY; TJ Toyota; Trumpchi GAC; Weili; Xiaokang Dongfeng; Xili,Faw Tianjin; Xinkai; YQ Mazda; Zhongshun; Zhongtai,Zotye; Zhongxing; (INDIA) Mahindra; Maruti; Tata; (MALAYSIA) Perodua; Proton; (IRAN) MVM

-Australian Cars
Au-Ford; Holden

Launch X431 V+ support cars

Bluetooth and Wi-Fi Enabled

You are able to do remote control as this tool can be used through Bluetooth or Wi-Fi. And via Bluetooth, it is simple for DBScar diagnostic connector to communicate with X431 V+.

Anti-theft Matching

This function can protect your car from being stolen by clearing the lost car key information and programming new key into the ECU database. Also known as keys programming.

Practical Remote Diagnosis

Not only users can launch the remote diagnosis with other diagnostic tools of LAUNCH family, which are equipped with this module as well, also they can ask for the remote control through phones, tablets, and computers etc. It has realized the reality that a mechanic can diagnose an abnormal vehicle which is even thousands of miles away.

Social Network

This vehicle code reader helps quickly retrieve vehicle history maintenance record so you can get a series of useful diagnostic references and recourses when you meet any problems in the process of repairing. In addition, you are able to connect with other users, sharing experiences of your automobile maintenance.

X431 V vs x431 v+ vs x431 Pro mini:

Picture launch x431 v launch x431 v+ launch x431 pro mini
Item X431 V 8 inch Launch X431 V+ 10.1 inch Launch X431 Pro Mini
Item No. SP183-D SP184 SP291
OS Android 7.1 Android 9.0 Android 7.0
SIZE 8” 1280 x 800 IPS
display with 189 ppi
10.1-inch Tablet 6.9 inch 1280 x 720
CPU Quad-core 1.4GHz 8-core 1.8GHz Quad-core 1.3 GHz
Capacity (internal / SD card) 16GB (expandable by
up to 32 GB)
32GB 32GB
Battery 4850mh rechargeable
polymer lithium battery
7000 mAh 3.7V/4680mh rechargeable polymer lithium battery
Pixels No Front camera
and rear-facing 5 MP
camera with 1080p HD
video recording
No Front camera/ Back 5mp Front-facing 2MP camera + rear-facing 5MP camera
Update one-click update online
for 1 Year Free Update
one-click update online for 1 year free one-click update online for 1 year free

Product Specifications:

Operating System: Android 9.0
CPU: Qualcomm Snapdragon 450, 8-core 1.8GHz
Battery: 7000mAh rechargeable polymer lithium battery
Memory: 3GB
Storage Capacity:32GB (UP TO 128GB)
LCD: 10.1 inch
LCD Resolution: 1920*1200 IPS
Touch Screen: Capacitive Touch Screen
Cameras: 5.0 mega pixels front and 8.0 mega pixels rear.
Wi-Fi: 802.11a/b/g/n/ac  (2.4GHz / 5GHz) 
Bluetooth: Supported
Working Temperature: 0 ~ ℃ 45℃
Storage Temperature: -20 ~ ℃ 70℃

Launch X431 V+ packageLaunch X431 V+ adapters

X431 V+ Package List       

1*Storage Case
1*LAUNCH X431 V+ 6.0
1*DBScarII Bluetooth OBD2 Connector
1*AUDI-4 Adapter
1*BENZ-14 Adapter
1*BENZ-38 Adapter
1*BMW-20 Adapter
1*CHRYSLER-6 Adapter
1*DAEWOO-12 Adapter
1*DAIHATSU-4 Adapter
1*FIAT-3 Adapter
1*FORD-6+1 Adapter
1*GAZ Adapter
1*GEELY-22 Adapter
1*HONDA-3 Adapter
1*KIA-20 Adapter
1*MAZDA-17 Adapter
1*NISSAN-14+16 Adapter
1*SSANGYONG-14 Adapter
1*SSANGYONG-20 Adapter
1*SUBARU-9 Adapter
1*SUZUKI-3 Adapter
1*TOYOTA-17 Adapter
1*TOYOTA-22 Adapter
1*UNIVERSAL-3 Adapter
1*OBD 1 Adapter BOX 
1*AIT I OBD16 Extension Cable.
1*X-431 PRO5 USB A to Micro cable, RoHS
1*Cigarette Lighter Line (English, without LAUNCH Logo), RoHS
1*Power Cable with Double Clamp (English, without LAUNCH Logo), RoHS
1*Quick Start (English), RoHS
1*Manual (English), RoHS
1*Password Envelope
1*Power Adapter 5V, 2A (US Standard), TB-X605FC, LX, RoHS
1*Power Adapter 5V, 2A (EU Standard), TB-X605FC, LX, RoHS
4*Fuse 5*20 mm
2*Fuse 6*30 mm

Launch X431 V+ real pictures



Shipping method and delivery time:

US, UK ,RU Warehouse: 2-4 working days. We have stocked up hot sale items in US, UK ,RU Warehouse, Fast Delivery No Tax. But if overseas warehouse is sold out,we will send from Hongkong. 
Ship From UK, No Tax
Ship From US, No Tax
Ship From EU, No Tax
DHL Shipping
: 2-4 working days. Usually we declare lower value on DHL invoice. If your address is remote area for DHL, customer will need to pay remote cost about 35USD or ship by EMS or YANWEN. Please leave message if you have any special requirement.
Yanwen Express: 5-10 working days. No Tax or remote cost for European Countries.

Top 10 reasons to buy from carobdtool.com website
1.Our website is 12 years old, and always online.
2.We are professional with these tools and a reliable company.
3.There are professional engineers on our team.
4.We have our own manufacturer.
5.Fast delivery 
6.Many customers buy from us, just rest assured to buy in our webiste.
7.Items are very good quality.
8.We package our items safely and securely.
9.Safe purchase, and your privacy is secure. 
10.We provide one year warranty and free technical services.

Contact information:
Email: sales@CarOBDtool.com     
Whatsapp: +8618223445829 
WeChat: seven424424 

Whatsapp Group:




How to register Launch X431 V+ X431 V Plus 10.1inch Tablet

Launch X431 V+ X431 V Plus 10.1inch Tablet V4.0 Function Introduction

Launch X431 V & Launch X431 V+ uninstall Client and update software

Tech Service

how to register Launch X431 V+

For the first time to use the table, you are required to register a member, so that your machine will be protected by Launch and data will be safe, also enjoy the free update.

register Launch X431 V+ Procedure

  1. Select “Login”.

Launch X431 V+ login

  1. Select “New registration”.

Launch X431 V+ registration

  1. Inputthe user name & password,the usual email address. Select the country. Input the CAPTCHA verification code. Click on “Register”.

Launch X431 V+ login in

  1. Input the SN number insideof the envelope, and to activate the password–click ACTIVATE.

Launch X431 V+ serial number

  1. Congratulations! you’ve registered successfully, you can use the machine.

Launch X431 V+

  1. Diagnostic software update.

I selected all available newest truck software to update, just wait until it succeeds.

Launch X431 V+ Launch X431 V+ update

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