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Product Description

LONSDOR KH100+ Key Programmer, upgraded version from old KH100.
Can copy some Toyota smart keys (8A)
Read properly 902MHz frequency on some USA remotes.

Lonsdor KH100+ Hand-Held Remote Key Programmer


Lonsdor KH100+ is a versatile hand-held smart device, able to access control key, simulate/ generate chip, generate remote (key), detect remote frequency, detect IMMO, unlock Toyota smart key and etc.

Lonsdor KH100+ Highlights:
KH100+ Other Features:

※ Modern appearance design, in line with the operating habits of the public.
※ Device system comes with operation instructions, easier for you to use.
※ It covers almost all the functions of the similar products in the market.
※ Built-in super sensor to collect data(over-range data collection).
※ Exclusive support for 8A(H chip) generation.
※ Built-in WIFI module, can connect to network at any time.

KH100+ Smart Remote Generation List
KH100+ General Remote Generation List

Lonsdor KH100+ Functions:

  • Identify Copy
  • Chip Simulation
  • Remote Generation
  • Remote Frequency
  • Access Control Key
  • Chip Generation
  • Coil Identification
  • Special Function

The chips types can be copied by Lonsdor KH100P remote maker

11 / 12 / 13 / 33 / 42 / 46 / 48 / 4C / 60 / 61 / 62 / 63 / 64 / 65 / 66 / 67 / 68 / 69 / 6A / 6B / 70E / 71 / 72G / 8A (Toyota H Chip)

Note 1:
11/12/13: Can be copied to T5/original JMD red super chip / original JMD king chip 
33: Can be copied to T5/ blank 7935 
42: Can be copied to blank 7935 
46: Can be copied to LKP46/ CN3/ original JMD red super chip/ original JMD king chip 
48: Can be copied to Deputy factory 48 
4C 60 61 62 63 64 65 66 67 68 69 6A 6B 70E 71 72G: Can be copied to LKP4D/ JMD Red Super Chip (S-JMD) for Handy Baby/original JMD king chip for handy baby 
8A (Toyota H) chip: Can be copied to TS21 

Note 2: 
The copy function is encrypted by the chip itself, some original car keys only support reading or editing, not copy.
If the original car key does not support copies, the copy button will not appear in the details pag

Identify/copy/generate chip:
Multi-vendor chips supported
Especially Toyota 8A(H) chip Our predominance

Simulate Chip:
Able to simulate 4D/46/48 chips
With built-in super sensory data collector(no interference within 1 meter when collecting data)

Generate remote/smart key:
Dedicated connector to generate remote/smart key Online update supported
Remote generation diagram

Smart key generation diagram

Dedicated connector to generate remote key:PS2-7Pin OD3.5

Access control/remote frequency
One-click identify and copy IC/ID cards
Copy multi-vendor chops
Detect remote frequency bands with high accuracy
One click identify ID card,able to copy multi-vendor chps,at the back sensor area

Detect super frequency
Detect multiple frequency brands with high accuracy

Lonsdor KH100+ Identify Coil
①Search smart induction area
Connect remote key with remote connector, Put KH100+’s antenna position. If inductive signal is identified, the device will make sounds, please check if the position is right (as shown below).

②Detect IMMO
Connect remote key with remote connector, Put KH100+’s antenna close to key
identification coil, and use key to turn ignition ON. When KH100+ buzzer beeps, it means
signal is detected.
Lonsdor KH100+ Remote Frequency
Enter this menu, put remote control at the device’s induction area to detect remote frequency.

Lonsdor KH100+ Special function
Include: detect infrared signal, unlock Toyota smart key, More functions, to be continued...
① Detect infrared signal
Put remote control at the infrared signal detection area, press the remote's button once. When the light on KH100+ 's screen is on, it indicates there is infrared signal, otherwise there is no signal (see below pic).
② Unlock Toyota smart key
Put in smart key, click OK to operate.

Lonsdor KH100+ Figures:

How to register Lonsdor KH100:

Note:  After booting the device, please connect  to WIFI  and enter the following process.

For New user:
1) For the first use, please prepare a common call phone or email to help complete activation process, click OK to start.
2)  Boot the device and enter registration activation process.
3)  Input user name, password. Confirm password, cellphone number or email to obtain verification code. Then input the code to submit registration.
4)  Account registered successfully, it will take 5 seconds to bind the device.
5) Successful registration, enter the system.

For Registered user(who has registered Lonsdor products before)

1) For the first use, please prepare a registered call phone or email to help complete activation process, click OK to start.
2)  Boot the device and enter registration activation process.
3)  Input your registered mobile number or email, password to obtain verification code. Then input the code to submit login.
4) Account login succeeded, it will take 5 seconds to bind the device.
5) Successful registration, enter the system.

In addition, users who have already registered Lonsdor's product can directly choose [registered user] to activate account. 

How to update Lonsdor HK100:

Enter settings menu
Connect the device to network
Then choose [check for updates]
One-click for online update!

Lonsdor KH100+ Device components:

Product parameter 

Device dimension: 193MM*88MM*24MM 
Screen size: 2.8 inch 
Screen resolution:320X240 
Battery: 3.7V 2000MAH 
Power: 5V 1A 
Work temperature: -5℃~60℃ 
USB: USB-B/charge-data transfer 
Connector port: PS/2 +1.25mm spacing, 6PIN terminal
Package includes:
1pc x LONSDOR KH100+ Latest handheld device


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Tech Service

KH100 Smart Remote Generation List

KH100 Smart Remote Generation List


Cherokee ID4A 433.9MHz

GL8 2009-2012 ID46 315MHz
LaCrosse 2009-2012 ID46 315MHz
Regal 2009-2012 ID46 315MHz

Dodge ID46 433.9MHz
Journey ID46 433.9MHz

<4>SRX -15 ID46 315MHz
ATS -2015 ID46 315MHz
XTS -2015 ID46 315MHz

Cruze 2009-2012 ID46 315MHz
Malibu 2009-2012 ID46 315MHz


Maserati ID46 433.9MHz


Teana 2009-2013 ID46 315MHz
X-Trail 2014- ID4A 433MHz
Sunny 2010- ID46 315MHz
Tiida 2010- ID46 315MHz
Sentra 2010- ID46 315MHz
March 2010- ID46 315MHz
Bluebird 2017 ID46 433MHz
Sentra 2017 ID46 433.9MHz
Murano ID4A 433.9MHz
Teana 2014-2015 ID47 433MHz
Teana 2016-2017 ID4A 433MHz

Sorento 2014-2015 ID46 433MHz
K5 2014-2015 ID46 433MHz
Forte 2007-2012 ID46 433MHz

ASX ID46 434Mhz
Outlander ID46 434Mhz
Escape ID46 434Mhz

Sonata 8 2007-2012 ID46 433MHz
Sonata(NFC) 2007-2012 ID46 433MHz
Santafe 2007-2012 ID46 433MHz
Sportage R 2007-2012 ID46 433MHz

QX50 ID46 315MHz
QX60 ID46 315MHz
Q70 ID46 315MHz
Q50 ID4A 433MHz
Q50L ID4A 433MHz


BaoJun 560 ID46 433.92Mhz
BaoJun 730 ID46 433.92Mhz
BaoJun 510 ID46 433.92Mhz
BaoJun 530 ID46 433.92Mhz

Saab D50
Saab X25
Saab X65
Saab D60
Saab D70
Saab X55
Weiwang M50F
Weiwang M60
Saab BJ20

F0 2011- ID46 315MHz
F3 2011- ID46 315MHz
F5 2011- ID46 315MHz
G3 2011- ID46 315MHz
G5 2011- ID46 315MHz
G6 2011- ID46 315MHz
L3 2011- ID46 315MHz
S6 2011- ID46 315MHz
Surui 2011- ID46 315MHz
Sirui 2011- ID46 315MHz
Tang 2011- ID46 315Mhz
Song 2011- ID46 315Mhz
Yuan 2011- ID46 315Mhz
Qin 2011- ID46 315Mhz

Peugeot ID46 433MHz
Citroen ID46 433MHz
DS ID46 433MHz
Peugeot ID4A 433MHz
Citroen ID4A 433MHz
DS ID4A 433MHz

DX7-A(old) ID46 433.9MHz
DX3 ID46 433.9MHz
DX7-B(new) ID46 433.9MHz

Emgrand EC7 ID46 433MHz
Geely-GC9 ID46 433MHz
Emgrand EC8 ID46 433MHz
BoYue ID4A 433.92Mhz

GS3 ID47 433Mhz

MG ID47 433MHz
RX5 ID47 433MHz

H6(new) -2017 ID46 433.9MHz
H2(new) -2017 ID46 433.9MHz
H6(Old) ID46 433.92Mhz

Domy X7 ID47 433.92Mhz
SR7 ID47 433.92Mhz
SR9 ID47 433.92Mhz
CS10 ID47 433.92Mhz
Z700 ID47 433.92Mhz