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6 Launch X431 V+: Launch X431 Pros 2023 Launch X431 Pros Global Version Bidirectional OE-Level Full System Diagnostic Tool Support 31+ Reset Function Injector Coding
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Product Description

Launch X431 Pros Global Version All-in-one Features support 31+ reset service function, Powerful but not expensive, with 2 years free update online,Take Your Business to New Heights!
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Launch X431 Pros Bidirectional Diagnostic Scan Tool

Why to buy Launch X431 Pros from us

1. Launch X431 is a global leading brand, popular among customers, worth trusting.
2. We are an Authorized Launch Dealer, Guarantee it is a 100% Original Launch machine
3. All products have been passed the strict quality test before shipment, make sure high quality.
4. Launch X431 Pros Global Version, No IP limitation, can use it everywhere in the world.
5. Support 24 languages: English, French, Spanish, German, Russian, Korean, Japanese, Portuguese, Italian, Polish, Dutch, Hungarian, Finnish, Simplified, Czech, Turkish, Greek, Arabic, Danish Persian, Romanian, Serbian, Swedish, and Chinese. Easy to switch and don't worry, NO extra costs involved!
6. Support 2 years free update online
7.  Combined with functional modules of ADAS Mobile/PRO: calibrate a wide range of driver assistance systems; Video Scope - inspect areas inaccessible; 
X431 TSGUN - activate all sensors, relearn & program LAUNCH sensors; 
X431 PROG3 - advanced key programming & IMMO service; 
BST360 - get a thorough test of the vehicle battery;
X431 Printer - print out diagnostic data & reports … This LAUNCH X431 diagnostic tool will meet your various needs and diagnostic scenarios. *Need to buy these modules additionally.

What are the differences between LAUNCH X431 V+ 6.0, PROS, and PROS Mini?

There are important differences between these similar LAUNCH X431 diagnostic tools
Overall by function, it is LAUNCH X431 V+ 6.0 > X431 PROS  > PROS Mini 3.0
In terms of selling cost, it is LAUNCH X431 V+ 6.0 >X431 PROS  > PROS Mini 3.0

LAUNCH X431 PROS is a phenomenal diagnostic tool kit that has everything one could need for modern automotive maintenance and alteration. Programming, scanning, and testing are all covered by its accompanying software.

Advantages of X431 Pros

This newest LAUNCH X431 diagnostic scanner represents the cutting edge of automotive diagnostic technology in one simple and affordable unit, providing dealer-quality diagnostics for automotive experts and workshops:

Newest Global Version: NO IP Limitedwork on over 150+ car brands, 200,000+ car models. YouTube mechanics with 40 years of experience highly recommended.

All-in-ONE Features: AutoVIN recognition, auto-search (2006+) // Can expand pro-level features with functional modules // ECU coding, bi-directional capabilities (active test) // An array of advanced functions for worldwide vehicles // 31+ reset & relearn maintenance services // All system diagnostics, etc.

High Configuration: 2.0GHz 4-Core, Android 9.0, 8-inch 1280*800 touchscreen, 32GB + 128GB (expandable), 5000mAh (12+ hours continuous use), 2.4Ghz/5Ghz Wi-Fi // User-friendly interface and software enables high operating speeds.

Massive Online Resources: Operating Skills + DTC Help + Automotive Technology Handbook + Repair Case + How-To Videos.

14 Connectors & 12 Cables: The complete package of OBD1/OBD2 vehicle-specific connectors and cables for easy connection to varied makes/models.
Great Choice For: Technician, garage, car dealer, auto repair shop, automotive engineer, diagnostic tech, truckman, automobile tech, home mechanic, beginner, automotive student, backyard mechanic, weekend DIY, and many others.

OE-Level Diagnostics for Working Smarter
LAUNCH X431 PROS diagnostic tool features a variety of useful reset & relearn, and advanced service functions to make servicing a breeze for mechanics in the workshop.

31+ Reset & Relearn Maintenance Services
Oil Reset, Injector Coding, Brake Reset, SAS Reset, BMS Service, ABS Bleeding, Throttle Matching, TPMS Reset, DPF Reg, Gear Learning, AFS Reset, EGR Adaption, Gearbox, Sunroof, SUS Reset, Windows Calibration, Seats Calibration, Language Change, A/F Reset, Coolant Bleed, Transport Mode, Adblue Reset, NOx Sensor Reset NOx, Stop/Start Reset, Headlamp Fitting, Seat Matching, Door & Window Initialization Study, Air Suspension Matching, Multimedia Video Reset, Cluster Reset, Immobilizer Service, Tire Change, and many more.

>> Cover the majority of makes and models worldwide up to 2018/2019/2020/2021, and still growing. **Function menus vary by your vehicle’s make, model year. <<

An Array of Advanced Service Functions

Refresh Hidden Functions (ECU Coding): Alter pre-programmed options to improve performance of BMW / Mini / Benz / VW / Audi / Skoda / Sear / Porsche / Land Rover / Jaguar.

VAG Guided Functions: Skip the Security Access Code & Channel Number to perform matching, calibration, and basic settings for VW / Audi / Skoda / Seat.**Need extra costs.

Component Matching: Rematch ECU (control module unit) after the replacement for VW / Audi / Skoda / Seat / BMW / Chrysler / GM / Ford / Opel / Mazda / Fiat / Honda / Nissan / Hyundai / Kia / Subaru etc.

Power Balance: Identify the less productive cylinder for Chrysler / GM / Ford.

Programmable Module Installation (PMI): Ensure the correct software/calibration and configuration data are loaded onto the new module after replacement for Ford / Mazda.

Online Coding: Compatible with VW / Audi / BMW / Seat / Porsche …

Online Calibration: Compatible with VW / Audi / Skoda / Seat.

Personalization: Compatible with BMW / Porsche / Toyota / Subaru.

>> Expanding regularly. Many more is coming soon. <<

Launch X431 Pros V4.0 obd2shop-2
Launch X431 Pros V4.0 obd2shop-3

X431 Pros Features and Functions:

1.  Automotive Diagnostics at the Higher Level + 2.Stay Up to Date in the Diagnostic World

2. Helps Customize Your Car Easily
Want to restore your car performance after an ECU module is replaced?
It is no longer the case that only the dealer can deal with. Use this LAUNCH X431 diagnostic scanner to re-flash the vehicle control modules, clear the original memories stored in ECU, and write the adaptive data into specific components, so as to build stable communication between ECU modules after repair or replacement, and your vehicle will be back on the right track soon.

3. Want to upgrade the features of your vehicle?
This scan tool can also add software modifications to the car, if you want to alter how it behaves originally. It means you can make manual tuning to customize your car, like disable some annoying functions, or enable high-end car features as follows:

>> Deactivating the Start/Stop function // Beeping when fasten and unfasten seatbelt // Seatbelt warning sounds // Mirrors automatically folding and unfolding // Closing the windows after closing the car door with the k-ey // Flashing the brake lights during emergency braking // Activating/deactivating daytime running lights // Changing the brightness of daytime running lights // Flashing of the headlights when the alarm system is triggered // Displaying of the real speed via GPS signal // Displaying the amount of fuel consumption at a given speed // Changing the brightness of the dashboard // Displaying the optimal gear changing time in eco or sport mode // Select whether the display should be on the dashboard or head-up display // Incoming call display // And many more … <<

** NOT universally compatible. Function menus vary by your vehicle’s make, model year.

4. Achieve the Ultimate in Diagnosis, Repair, and Service

The 2-Way Diagnostic Highway: Bidirectional Control

LAUNCH X431 PROS also has the Active Test function and is a Bi-Directional scan tool.

What is it - This scan tool can request information or command a module to perform specific tests and functions, i.e. control car functions directly from LAUNCH X431 diagnostic tablet.
Contents - Available in many vehicle-specific systems, subsystems, and components such as relays, injectors, coils, solenoids valves, and actuators. **Function options vary by vehicle’s make, model, and year.
Benefits - Significantly reduce your diagnostic time; easily see if the issue is with the controls or the actual vehicle system.
Examples - Turn on/off the radiator fan, lights, sound horn, and fuel pump, etc.; Modulate the throttle; Open/close windows; Operate mirrors; device acceleration, oil pressure control, vehicle level position, inlet & outlet valve, open brakes, wheel speed sensor supply, and parking brake …

Take Control of IMMO: Advanced K-ey Programming

Features of LAUNCH X431 PROS go beyond any other scan tools you’ll find at the same level. This LAUNCH X431 diagnostic tool can also be a capable IMMO service tool, providing fast, easy, and intuitive k-ey programming for VAG group vehicles with 2/3/3.5 gen. IMMO, and most Asian cars with low-level antitheft systems.

1) Add K-ey, Delete K-ey, Read Pin Code (All K-eys Lost), and more.
2)  Need to pair with LAUNCH X431-PROG 3 IMMO Programming box to have complete IMMO & K-ey Programming (read & wirte 1200+ EEPROM and MCU chips, etc.) for 3 VW/Audi/Skoda/Seat models manufactured after 2008 with 4/5/5.5/6 gen. IMMO system.
3) NOT universally compatible. Reach us to check car coverage if necessary.

5. Combined with functional modules of ADAS Mobile/PRO: calibrate a wide range of driver assistance systems; Video Scope - inspect areas inaccessible; X431 TSGUN - activate all sensors, relearn & program LAUNCH sensors; X431 PROG3 - advanced k-ey programming & IMMO service; BST360 - get a thorough test of the vehicle battery; X431 Printer - print out diagnostic data & reports … This LAUNCH X431 diagnostic tool will meet your various needs and diagnostic scenarios. *Need to buy these modules additionally.

Cover the Widest Array of Systems You Expect

It is crucial to get a scan tool that covers the specific system you need.

This Launch X431 Pros diagnostic tool will work with all accessible vehicle electronics, pull their fault codes, view live data, and even view manufacturer-specific sensor data, of makes and models worldwide.

The following is a list of systems that this LAUNCH X431 scan tool can get access to:

1) Engines / Auto Transmission / Airbags / Immobilizer / K-ey Coding / ABS / Cruise Control / Instruments / Self Leveling Suspension systems
2) Seats / Doors / Gateway / Steering Angle / Air Suspension / Body Systems / Electronic Power Steering & Motor Assisted / Power Steering / Tyre Pressure / Rain Sensors / 4WD System
3) Stabilizer / Intelligent Parking Assist / Door Motors / Audio Systems / Air Conditioning / Tiptronic / Anti Theft / Soft Top / Headlamp Leveling / Automatic Clutch / DPF Reset
4) Electric Windows / Plip Programming / Heated Rear Window / Xenon Headlights / Wash Wipe / Fuel Burning Heater / Transfer Box / Seat Memory / Oil Life Service Reset / Sliding Doors / Electronic Throttle
5) Navigation System / Rollover Sensor / Cruise Control / Multi Function Steering Wheel / Aux Heating / Electronic Parking Brake / Clutch Electronics ... and more.
6) **Function menus vary by your vehicle’s make, model year.
7) Plus, thanks to the advanced AutoVIN & AutoScan technology, this LAUNCH scanner will automatically skip the manual selections for you to identify car make/model/year (2006+) as soon as connected, and head you towards the proper diagnostics on the system selected. Using a diagnostic scanner in this smart way will save you much repair time.

Wide Vehicle Coverage across the Global

-American Cars

For Buick; For Cadillac; For Chevrolet; For Chrysler; For Dodge;For Ford; For GM; For Hummer; For Jeep; For Lincoln; (BRAZIL) For BX-Fiat; For BX-GM

-European Cars:

For Abarth; For Alfa Romeo; For Audi; For Bentley; For Benz; For BMW; For Bugatti; For Citroen; For Dacia; For EU-Ford; For Ferrari; For Fiat; For Jaguar; For Lamborghini; For Lancia; For LandRover; For Maserati; For Maybach; For Mini; For Opel; For Peugeot; For Porsche; For Renault; For Rolls-Royce; For Rover; For Saab; For Seat; For Skoda; For Smart; For Sprinter; For Vauxhall; For Volvo; For VW; For (UKRAINE) ZAZ; For (RUSSIA) GAZ; For IZH; For PAZ; For SEAZ; For UAZ; For VAZ

-Asian Cars

For (JAPAN) Acura;For Daihatsu; For Honda; For Infiniti;For Isuzu; For Jpisuzu; For Lexus; For Mazda; For Mitsubishi; For Nissan; For Nissan GTR; For Scion; For Subaru; For Subaru; For Suzuki; For Tlisuzu; For Toyota; For (KOREA) Daewoo; For Hyundai; For KIA; For Samsung; For Ssangyong; For (CHINA) Baic; For Beijing; For Changan; For Changan-Ford; For Changcheng; For Changhe; For Chsuzuki; For DF Peugeot; For DF Honda; For DF Nissan; For DF XK; For Flyer,For BYD; For Fukang; For Futian,For Foton; For Geely; For Gonow; For GZ Honda; For Hafei; For Haoqing; For HC BMW; For Hmada; For Huachen; For Isuzu,For JMC; For Jacty; For Jianghuai; For Jiao; For Jinlong;For Joylong;For Lifan; For Liuwel-TY; For Luxgen; For NJ Fiat; For Qirul-TY,For chery; For Qoros; For Saicmg; For Spark-TY; For TJ Toyota; For Trumpchi For GAC; For Weili; For Xiaokang For Dongfeng; For Xili,For Faw Tianjin; For Xinkai; For YQ Mazda; For Zhongshun; For Zhongtai,For Zotye; For Zhongxing; For (INDIA) Mahindra;For Maruti; For Tata; For (MALAYSIA) Perodua; For Proton; For (IRAN) MVM

-Australian Cars

For Au-Ford; For Holden

Vehicle coverage query website http://qcar.x431.com/qcar/#/pc/index

NEW OPTIONAL FUNCTIONS: (need buy-extra )

1. Videoscope: Check unseen parts of engine, fuel tank system, etc.
2. X431 TSGUN: Activate all sensors,TPMS relearn,Program
3. LAUNCH sensors
4. X431 PROG: IMMO functions for VAG Group Above 3.5
5. X431 PRINTER: Print out diagnostic data/ reports

Remote Diagnosis

Users can carry out the remote diagnosis to ask for the remote control from other LAUNCH diagnostic tools (including but not limited to V+ 4.0), which are equipped with the remote diagnosis module as well, or from a PC client technician. This has realized the reality that a mechanic can diagnose an abnormal vehicle, which is even thousands of miles away.

Record & Playback

Another great feature about this automotive diagnostic scanner is that, it would allow you to view the Live Data Stream, and to record the data in Waveform. This would save you the hassle of reading through and digesting all the information which is being presented to you. You can even playback these data, for better analysis and rectification as well as the future use.

Share Report via Wi-Fi

Rather than taking the additional hassle, with this LAUNCH scanner, you would easily be able to share the diagnostics report to your clients or technicians via Wi-Fi. They would take a look at the full, clear and accurate diagnostic report, and then understand about what would need to be done. No more Googling unreliable fixes that would waste your energy.

Online Repair Resources

Over 1600 vehicle models' service & repair information, handbook, repair case and operation skills are included.

Health Report Generate and Share

With LAUNCH X431 V+, you can generate a full system Diagnostic Report by ONE-CLICK. The reports can be emailed to the office or directly to your customer. You can also print out the vehicle health report card.

Anti-theft Matching

This function can protect your car from being stolen by clearing the lost car key information and programming new key into the ECU database. Also known as keys programming.

Operation System Android 9.0
Processor Quad-core 2.0GHz
Memory 3GB RAM & 32GB On-board Memory 
Display 8-inch LCD Touchscreen (1280*800)
Battery 5000MAH
WIFI 2.4GHz/5GHz
Operating Temp 0 to 50℃
Dimensions (W*H*D) 223*171*50mm

Packing List

1set X LAUNCH X431 PROS Scanner



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